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Specializing in Beautiful Room Additions and Remodeling Services

Working with the industry’s leading designers and builders, DR Potts Plumbing has been a steadfast name in the home remodeling business. We enjoy coupling with homeowners, seeking a tranquil and utopian escape, simply through maximizing their interior unit. From a bathroom addition to a family room addition, no vision of our clients is ever impossible to create. Since our establishment, we have converted garages into dwelling spaces and added master bedrooms to three-bedroom homes. Any excuse of yours to relish the indoors more often is welcomed by us. Let us discuss how we can reconfigure and expand your humble abode.

Room Additions – A Solution to Your Space Problems

A room addition is a sensible investment for growing your space without putting a dent in your wallet. While buying a new house with larger square footage and that sunroom you have always coveted may sound intriguing, room additions can add depth and wonder to the investment you have already. DR Potts Plumbing specializes in a broad scope of room additions that will suit your budget and style.

    • Dining Room Additions
    • Family Room Additions
    • Guest Bedroom Additions
    • Sunroom Additions
    • Garage Additions

Make the most of your space with our professional room addition services. At DR Potts Plumbing, we will boost the value and expand the space of your home. We help growing families thrive and homeowners throughout Amarillo, Texas obtain their personalized, idyllic haven. Our home remodelers look forward to brainstorming a floor plan, budget, and timeframe with you to create your new space without interfering with your current interior design.

Mr Potts has been very helpful for my parents plumbing needs. He seems to be familiar with fixing Baker Bros mistakes. I wish he originally did the install on their water heater. He even helped them understand their warranty better, which saved them money. Call Mr Potts if you need something done right, and reasonable pricing for professional work. Thank you for all you have done for them!
- Kenny Watson

DR Potts was absolutely amazing! I had a leak coming from under my AC unit that was damaging my floors and baseboards. Other plumbers would only book a week out, DR Potts came right away and was so quick and kind. While here, he also fixed an issue with my dishwasher and a leaky bathroom sink that another plumber left me with. DR Potts was such a lifesaver! So professional, and very affordable. Currently doing a happy dance! Thank you DR Potts!

- Audrey Hyde

I had a leaky pipe (actually 2) under the kitchen.  After the leak finder found the leak I called DR Potts.  He found not one but 2 leaks & didn’t charge me for the 2nd one.  He subcontracted someone to dig under the kitchen & then he patched both pipes.  Due to muddy ground, the excavators had to come back to fill the hole & he made sure they wouldn’t get paid unless they came back finished.

- Gil Bates

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